The Mind of Christ

Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus… ~ Philippians 2:4-6

Okay, back to “A Plain Account” by John Wesley…

In Section 5, he states:

I saw, in a clearer and clearer light, the indispensable necessity of having “the mind which was in Christ,” and “walking as Christ also walked;” even of having, not some part only, but all the mind which was in Him; and of walking as He walked, not only in many or in most respects, but in all things…a uniform conformity to our Master.  Nor was I afraid of anything more, than of bending this rule to the experience of myself; or of other men; of allowing myself in any the least disconformity to our grand Exemplar.

Wow!  If we thought nearly as much about conforming to the mind of Christ, and walking as Christ walked, and pleasing Him, as we do about pleasing others, and our own comfort – how different Christianity would look!

The major obstacle to conformity is comfort.  

Aren’t you glad that Christ didn’t put His comfort above conforming to the will of His Father?

I am, and I think that such sacrifice should only be received with such gratitude that complete sacrifice be given in return.


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