At What Cost? – Entertainment

Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers. ~ Ephesians 4:29

As we start this new year, two words are going to drive my life this year – deliberate and intentional.

I want to take a different look at this verse today.  We all know that this is what we are supposed to do, as far as what we say, that’s a given.  But I want to look at this verse, today, from the hearers perspective.

If we, as speakers, are to make our words edifying, what does that tell us we should do as hearers?  Shouldn’t we seek only those things that are edifying?

This will be my thought throughout every day, as I’m reading, listening to, and watching anything.

We have become such an “entertained” culture, that our entertainment and pleasure and wants override the time that should be spent on building our faith and strengthening our relationship with God.

Remembering that nothing matters but eternity I want my driving force to be focused on wholesome, God-like examples, knowledge, and praise.

Remembering that input directly affects output, I want my driving force to be purity in all that I see, hear, and do.

Remembering that my life will impact other lives (either positively or negatively), I want my driving force to be the purity and Christ-like-ness that only comes from spending time with Christ.

Yesterday (New Year’s Day), I sat down (either in person or on the phone) with all of my kids, and with my closest friends, and asked them 2 important questions that I will ask myself every morning (and I challenge you to do so, as well).  After asking these questions we prayed together.  This was an awesome time, and basically the 3 answers were the same – family, spiritual growth, and provision.

Here were the questions I asked yesterday:

1 – What are 3 things that God has done, specifically in your life in the past year?

2 – What are you going to do – specifically, deliberately, and intentionally for God this year?

The revised questions that are now in my taG (Time Alone with God) folder, are:


Where did I clearly see God’s hand in my life yesterday?

What can I do – deliberately and intentionally for God today?(Not saying that I’m focusing on works – just making my life about deliberately serving the One Who gave His all for me)


Where did I clearly see God’s hand in my life today?

What did I do for God today?

These questions have now been added to my daily list of questions for my taG.

So, what are you thankful for from last year?  What are you going to do – specifically, deliberately, and intentional – to glorify God this year?

Let’s make it a way of life – not a “check-list”, but a constant in our lives!

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