A Couple of Poems ~ From Years Ago

God has given me many, many poems, and I mean literally gave them to me.  It was almost like taking dictation.

I know that I haven’t posted recently.  Life has been busy.  I want to try to start posting every other day, if possible.  We’ll see!

Anyway….  Here they are:

My Savior waited patiently, upon Calvary’s barren hill,
For the cross to be erected, to obey His Father’s will.

I wonder what it felt like, as He looked upon the crowd ~

For the ones He’d come to love, now ridiculed Him out loud.

The very ones He came to save, were the hands the Father used

To perform the Greatest Sacrifice, through His Son, abused.

The Father’s heart must have broken, to see His Son in pain,

And the rejected by the ones who had the most to gain.

The Bible says that the sky grew dark and angry thunder boomed,

The earth shook, then quieted as He was placed in Joseph’s tomb.

But the story doesn’t end there, as some choose to believe.

He rose again, salvation to give, to those who would receive.

The angels must have suffered so, to see their Precious One

Treated like a common thief, instead of the King’s Son.

For those holy creatures are the ones who proclaimed His birth

Who kissed His cheek just “one more time” before He came to earth.

But they, too, knew that He had to obey His Father’s plan

To provide reconciliation between God and sinful man.

How bittersweet that time had to be for all who understood~

As the Highest Form of Sacrifice was nailed to a cross of wood.

The angels must have celebrated when Jesus put death in its place,

And how wonderful it must have been, to again, look upon His face.

He proved how much He loves us, as He took His final breath,

For, then, and forever, Our Savior conquered death.

~Beth Fisher – 12/10/99

Second one – last for tonight.

What if the only time she walks through these doors is on this very day?

Would the things she sees in our worship draw her in or turn her away?

What if she had a specific hurt, she heard that He could heal?

After watching us in worship, would she know that You are real?

What if he saw someone walk in the door with a smile on their face,

Then watched them through the service, to try to see a trace ~

A glimpse of heaven, a spec of doubt, can this be too good to be true…

Or can “this Jesus” heal my heart?  His choice could depend on you.

Is what you’re feeling…singing…living very real to you?

Or is it something you do without thinking ~ motions you go through?

If they can’t see true worship in us, “safely” within this place,

What do they see in us, day after day….hypocrisy or grace?

You can and will make a difference in someone’s life every single day.

There’s always someone watching…seeking…whose decision you will sway.

The choice must be a conscious one, deliberate, for we are called to be set apart ~

To worship, love and serve our God, Whose temple is our heart.

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  1. obxannie Said:

    These are very beautiful Bess and I am so glad you are my sister in life and in Christ.

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