What is Dividing Your Heart?

“Their heart is divided; now they are held guilty.”

– Hosea 10:2a

God is God in everything or God is not God.

Either we trust God completely, and include Him in every area of our lives, or our hearts are divided.

I’ve heard priorities explained many, many times, as God first, family second, and everything else last.  This type of thinking is “linear” and is implying that we have a “checklist” that when we are “done” with God time, we check it off our list of things to do.  Then when we spend time with our families, we do the same, then, we normally rush headlong into everything else.

I’d like to challenge you to look at this another way.

God always in everything.

Family most of the time in most things.

And, everything else, some time in some things.

Do you see the difference.  If we look at it like this, it’s all encompassing.  God is included in everything family and everything else.  Family is included in family and everything else.

God must be present with us in everything!

So, what is your “divider”?

Sin – anything that is in your life that you would not include God in – God is a holy God, and cannot be “included” in the sin of your life.

Worry – I find it interesting that the Greek word for worry is actually divided – either we have faith in God to be in control, or we don’t, there’s no middle ground.

Service – Sometimes we get so caught up in our “ministries” that we replace our “relationship” with it.

Idols – anything that we put above God in any area of our lives!

My prayer is that we will all be of one mind, the mind of Christ!

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