Today’s Commitment

Commit everything you do to the Lord.  Trust Him and He will help you.

Psalm 37:5

If for one whole day…we were to give ourselves up to the ownership of Jesus and to obeying His orders, we would be amazed at its close to realize all He had packed into that one day.

Oswald Chambers – So Send I You

“Lord, help me to live every day like this one!

Starting today, show me all You want me to do, moment by moment until the day is over, so that I please and honor You in every word, thought and deed.

If I take this moment by moment, it becomes “do-able”, as long as I’m constantly in touch with You, Lord, to hear Your direction.



  1. Lord, help me be a better of follower of your word in example as well as word. May my example help another to know about you Lord. Amen.

  2. Nancy Said:

    Heavenly Father,
    Instead of dwelling on the wrong in this world, please help me to say each day “What do you want me to do today to make the corner of my world better?” May I be willing to “write my plans in pencil and give You the eraser” when an opportunity arises. Your will is my peace.

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