Behave Like a Christian – Part 2

Here is a simple list, of how to behave like a Christian based on Romans 12.

  1.  Love without hypocrisy (genuine love).
  2. Hate what is evil (sin).
  3. Cling to what is good. (God’s ways).
  4. Show your love (be affectionate).
  5. Honor others above yourself (give others preference above yourself)
  6. Be diligent (training in God’s ways).
  7. Be fervent in spirit (passionate about God).
  8. Serve the Lord God as Master
  9. Rejoice in hope – praise in trust.
  10. Be patient in tribulation.
  11. Be steadfast in prayer.
  12. Care for the needs of other Christians.
  13. Be hospitable.
  14. Bless those who persecute you.
  15. Share joy with those who are joyful.
  16. Cry with those who are sad.
  17. Be of the same mind (the mind of Christ).
  18. Be humble.
  19. Don’t treat anyone wrongly.
  20. Live as peaceably as possible.
  21. Overcome evil with good (with God).

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