Wow! What a concept!

The Lord REALLY blessed me yesterday!  Okay, so that’s an understatement!!!

The Lord REALLY blesses me EVERYDAY, but I want to share one way in particular that has given me a new perspective on things.

I met an adorable (again – understated!) little 4 year old girl yesterday on my morning walk.  Her name is Desirae. 

I was just walking briskly, when I saw her at the end of her driveway.  When I stopped to say, “Hi”, her dad (who was on the porch) told me that she HAD to come out to the road and say, “Hi” to her “friend”. 

I kind of looked around, not seeing any other children, I looked back at her father, and he explained to me that EVERYONE is her friend.  He told me that she saw me walking down the road, and told him that she had to talk to her friend.

So, there we were – perfect friends.

After 2 seconds of talking to her, I understood WHY everyone is her friend!  Know why?  Not just because she’s soooo loving and open (which she is), but because she seeks out the things that she has in common with you, and gets REALLY excited about these things.  Wow!  What an interesting perspective. 

The most obvious “common” for us came when she asked me if I knew Who Jesus is.  I told her, “Yes, I do, He’s my Best Friend”.  Her eyes lit up and she jumped up and down, and said, “He’s Mine, too!!!!!”. 

What if……

What if Christians could focus on the BIGGEST “Common Denominator” that we could ever have, and treat EVERYONE as our friend. 

WOW!  What a concept!

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