Those of you who’ve known me for any length of time, know one thing about me…

When I was young, I had a debilitating problem. It kept me from spending the night with my friends. It kept me from going to summer camp. It even made it difficult to participate in any activity that my family wasn’t involved in…girl scouts, school, vacation Bible school, etc.

The malady I faced was homesickness.

Anytime that I was away from my family for any amount of time it was almost unbearable.

I’m not worried about trying to figure this out, because God has shown me a beautiful truth through this issue.

You see, anytime that I started getting homesick, say at VBS, my teacher would try this…”I know you miss you mom and dad, you’ll see them soon. Why don’t you work on something nice to give them when you get home.” This tactic would always make the time more bearable. I also found that the more I missed my family, the more intent I was to make what I was going to give them the best it could be.

I still get homesick at times, not for a place, but for my family. I miss them all, but have learned to live with it.

I also find, more and more, that I get homesick for my heavenly home. This isn’t a depression issue, nor is it a suicidal one. It’s simply a realization that this world is not my home.

This world IS NOT my home, BUT it is where I am right now. So, in order to make my time here “bearable”, I’ve set my heart on working for gifts to take my Father when I return home.

Let’s take a look at some of the “gifts” or offerings that we all can “bring home” to our Father – God, both daily, and ultimately when we arrive home.


I can be covered by Christ’s blood so I can freely fellowship with God

I can be in awe of His splendor and holiness so I can worship Him.

I can be filled with His Holy Spirit so I can live for Him.


Faithful servanthood.

Crowns that I can lay at Christ’s feet.

Other people that He’s shared with me.

Now, by living my life working on these “gifts” faithfully, deliberately and consistently, when I do arrive home it won’t be like moving into a “new” home. It will truly be “going home.”

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