WOW! God is Good!

God never ceases to amaze me!

What does amaze me, though, is how casually a lot of Christians today treat His holiness.  We have heard “we’re just sinners” so often that we’ve been living like sinners.

I’m not talking about being “holier than thou”.  I’m simply talking about an attitude against sin.

We need to think about how the mother of a child who is killed by a drunk driver then feels about the act of drunk driving.  Then we need to transfer that feeling of intolerance toward sin.

After all, it was sin that nailed Jesus (our most precious loved One) to the cross.

When we start opening our eyes to the consequences of sin, it’s not that hard to do.

Sin hurts.  Sin kills.  So then, why do so many people not see this?  We do have a very real enemy, that’s why.

So many people say, “The Bible says that you can’t remove the splinter from your brother’s eye, because of the plank in your own.”  That’s not what it says (look it up – Matthew 7:4-5), and frankly so many people have heard that so many times that we’ve become desensitized to what it is actually saying.

Think about it a minute.  What would a splinter in your eye feel like (Buster, you know this feeling, right?)?  We would experience so much pain that it would affect our whole body, which in turn affects those around us….

If we look at this deeper, we see how, as Christians, we should look at sin.  Sin, like the splinter hurts, it hurts your body, it hurts your family, it hurts your Christian testimony, and it hurts your area of influence for Christ.

If we develop the love for one another that we’re supposed to have, and then see the effects of sin in someone’s life, what kind of friend, what kind of Christian brother or sister would we be, if we just walked by, or started “talking” about it, instead of going to them and saying, “Look, I see this thing in your life that’s hurting you.  Can I please help you get it out?”

WOW!  Basic compassion extended to new heights!

It’s time for Christians to wake up!  One thing I’ve learned in the past few years, is that ‘focused effort produces results’.

We wouldn’t just say, “Yeah, I want to lose weight”, and then just go on eating whatever without thinking about it.  Well, maybe we would, but would we see results?  The results that we want? No.

If we, however, study and learn what is best for us to eat, and what is best for us not to eat, and then adjust our diets accordingly, would we see results then?

I’ve heard “preachers” say over and over again, “I told them what to do, I can’t make them change”.  Well, telling people something one time or even two, doesn’t enforce the urgency of it.

Paul pleaded with us, urged us, to live holy, God-honoring lives.

If we, as Christians, thought about every act before we do it, what a different world we would live in!

Remember that input DIRECTLY affects output.

When we watch tv shows that contain “rot”, what settles in our hearts? What then comes out in our actions?

When we hungrily devour God’s Word, what settles in our hearts? What then comes out in our actions?

Living a Godly life HAS to be deliberate.  Paul over and over says, “Set your mind on these things.”  Not, if you happen to think about doing right, do it.  He’s emphasizing the deliberateness needed to have victory over sin.

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