God in the Little Things – What “Little” Things?

It seems that I’ve “seen” a number of object lessons in the past several weeks. I’ve seen them so clearly in things that at first glance are “little”, but when I step back and look at the big picture, they’re huge!

One example of this is the example of “faith” and “works” both being oars for the “canoe” of our life.

Little things, right?

But think about this, if we only row with faith, we’ll be rowing in circles. Likewise, if we only row with works, we’ll be going in circles in the other direction.

Only when we learn that it takes both of them to go forward, will be make any progress.

We have to understand, though, that our works shouldn’t come from our efforts. They should flow naturally out of our relationship with Christ.

Faith without works is dead. Period.

If I told you that I think this house is on fire, but just continue to sit here, typing away like all is well, either I’m an idiot (no comment), or I really don’t believe what I’m saying.

If I really believe that the house is on fire, I’m going to “act” on that belief, and make way for the nearest exit.

When we truly understand what God has done for us, how much He loves us, and how much He wants others to know Him, how can we not act on it?

Realizing that people are dying and going to hell daily is a real wake up call.

Let’s start putting our faith into action, and make a difference in the world around us.

See what I mean? It started a such a little “picture” of faith, but when you look at things from the perspective of eternity, the little things become HUGE!

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